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Parque del Estrecho

The most important historical place in Chilean Patagonia.

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On this site we will present you the most interesting places in the Magallanes Region in an interactive way, through images, videos and 360° virtual tours, so that you can visit the places in our region from anywhere in the world.

There is a story that is born in these latitudes to the eaves of the Southern Cross, under the intense sky that narrates the encounter of nature and the inhabitants who, from this territory, build reality and inhabit their dreams, in the midst of trees that by force of vehemence of the wind are drawn curved in the vastness

In the extreme south of the regional capital, history and the beauty of the landscape are combined in a natural setting… in a surprising journey, the “Parque del Estrecho” is surrounded by nature and nearby relevant landmarks such as the Geographic Center of Chile , Fuerte Bulnes, Punta Santa Ana, and the Bosque del Viento and Coastal trails, among other places that share the sway of the wind, the wide skies, the past and the present

Fuerte Bulnes and its landscape, 60 km from Punta Arenas, shakes with its silent narrative, resistant to time and its designs, which to this day allows us to recognize the distant 1843 with the arrival of the Ancud Schooner.

There is beauty in the distance, in the rugged but generous appearance at the same time, …in the feat that continues to be present, in the old house that on its two levels welcomed the crew that arrived from Chiloé, in the watchtowers that still protect the heritage, the church, the canyons, constructions that survive the calendars and continue to narrate the milestones as a tribute to the roots of our history, to the courage of those men and women who defied the elements and opened up to the immensity to reach this infinite south.

The city of King Don Felipe, currently known as Puerto del Hambre and the figure of Hernando de Magallanes intersect in history, after the feat of the arrival of Hernando de Magallanes in 1520 to the maritime corridor at the southern end of the American continent, which today bears his name and which becomes the obligatory route for ships that, defying the tormented waves, made their journeys connecting the world.

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